In a typical month, I would do the following services on your account.

a.  Post all invoices*

b.  Post all invoice payments*

c.  Post all expenses and payments*

d.  Complete Payroll with appropriate entries**

e.  Reconcile Bank Account(s)

f.  Reconcile Credit Card Account(s)

g.  Reconcile Shareholder Account(s)

h.  Provide reminders for payments of the G.S.T. report as agreed by the C.R.A.

i.  Provide reminders for payments of the Source Deductions, and any installments as agreed by the C.R.A.

*  some of these items can be completed by other authorized persons.

**  perhaps not required.

Provide Monthly Reports by 20th of the month

Profit & Loss Report (Month, Month to date)

Balance Sheet Statement

Aged Accounts Receivable Statement

We consult with you to determine course of action regarding financial management and reporting in your business:

a.  Type of Accounting Software:

     Online or Desktop

b.  C.R.A. access setup

     G.S.T. , Source Deductions, Corporate

c.  Communications - Email, messaging etc.

d.  Designing a new chart of accounts

e.  Setup of all accounting modules

f.  Customers and Accounts Receivable

g.  Vendors and Accounts Payable

h.  Payroll (if required)

i.  Reports as necessary

j.  Setup of G.S.T. with appropriate deadlines

k.  Setup of Source Deductions with deadlines

l.  Custom Setups

My name is Al Ewaskow.  I have many years of experience in the management,  accounting, bookkeeping and tax services field.

I have worked for steel fabrication companies, International Computer Companies, local Computer Services Companies, a National Tax Agency, and a International Tax Preparation Firm.  

I have over 6 years of preparing T1 Tax returns, and understand the Tax Preparation Process.

My specialty is assisting small businesses to succeed by providing them solid advice, good accounting and bookkeeping services, and finally, adherance to all tax policies necessary for your business.

A confidential resume, and references are available upon request.

Call now to find out how: +1.780-982-4633