Depending on the Complexity of your Business..........

We will structure an accounting/bookkeeping solution for your business.... starting at $300.00 per month.

The number of transactions per month, number of bank accounts and credit cards, will add to the cost.

Payroll is another addition to the monthly cost.

We will analyze your needs, and come up with a cost which will be competitive and reliable.

Our services are based on the ETHICS of the CGA and IPBC.  All work is done according to GAAP.

Give us a try......

For Small Businesses, you need critical accounting services done monthly to keep your records in order.

1.  Your invoicing must be done promptly

2.  GST charged to your customer,  must be documented and paid according to C.R.A.

3.  Expenses must be categorized and adhere to C.R.A. regulations.  GST, paid on purchases and expenses must be documented and claimed against GST paid on sales.

4.  Your bank account needs to be reconciled on a monthly basis.

5.  Your credit card account needs to be reconciled on a monthly basis.

6.  Payroll must be setup, which cheques to employees, and source deductions paid monthly to the CRA.

7.  Your business must not contain any personal expenses or deposits....they must be kept separate from the company.

Or perhaps you may opt for a quarterly package at $500.00*. (price depending on your volume)  In this case, you would take care of the invoicing, and payments on those invoices.  Payroll and Inventory not applicable.  All bank and credit card reconciliations would be done by us.  We would record all Expenses, and prepare your GST to be payable in the month after it is due.

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